Masterplast group

One of the leading companies producing and distributing insulating materials and construction industry products in the Central Eastern European region.

Product solutions

Key elements of our product portfolio are the facade insulation systems, fiberglass meshes, roofing foils, insulation materials, products for dry construction and industrial.

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Masterplast group

Product solutions

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  • 21 years on the market
  • 4300 partners
  • 300 products
  • 8 subsidiaries

Established in 1997, the Masterplast group is the leading insulation material and construction industry product producer-distributor company in the Central Eastern European region, with a revenue approaching 100 million euros.


Masterplast products


Masterplast top quality products are supported with a comprehensive, complex services package. Our activity is typified by our own manufacturing background and associated services such as professional logistics solutions, continuous quality control, technical background support, and a personalised sales system.

Facade insulation systems
Our certified facade insulation systems with an insulating core of EPS polystyrene, EPS graphite polystyrene and mineral wool comply with the requirem...
Roofing foils and roofing elements
We have more than 20 years experience of marketing roofing foils. In our broad range, we offer vapour diffusion permeable, vapour barrier and traditio...
Dry construction system
We offer quality product solutions for interior construction jobs. There is no quicker and simpler method than dry construction for high standard fash...
Heat insulation, soundproofing and waterproofing materials
We offer EPS polystyrene, XPS expanded polystyrene, as well as glass wool,mineral wool and foamed polyethylene insulation materials in a broad range o...
Construction industry accessory products
A broad range of lightweight concrete and wood wool insulation products are available, as well as construction foils and our additional products for p...
Products for industrial use
For our packaging industry partners, we manufacture high density foamed polyethylene products, anti-static if required, produced with the latest indu...

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Masterplast operating surplus has further increased

2018 November 11

Masterplast Nyrt. operating profit has further increased in the third quarter compared with the previous year. The company’s turnover has also expanded, due chiefly to the Hungarian, Ukrainian and Pol...

Masterplast has doubled its profit

2018 August 21

The company is counting on dynamic growth in the second half-year too. Masterplast Nyrt. closed the second quarter with close to 27 million euro income, which corresponds to 14 percent expansion compa...

Masterplast is moving forward with a new CEO

2018 July 31

László Piry’s mandate as CEO and his labour relations with Masterplast Nyrt. came to an end today, from the first of August the post of company CEO will be held by Róbert Nádasi the company’s present ...