Corporate culture

In our 25-year-old company, our employees can feel the impact of their work every day and participate in shaping the future.
The basic pillar of Masterplast’s success is the corporate culture that prioritizes market focus, individual responsibility and entrepreneurship. Our company is built on creating value for our employees, and is committed to maintaining long-term working relationships and individual development. 

What is characteristic of Masterplast?

continuous development, renewal, flexibility
committed, enterprising, ambitious team
inspiring leaders and colleagues
taking responsibility
ownership approach
familiar, friendly atmosphere
full of talents
 independent work and decisions within defined frameworks
Mission and vision

We are proud that we support the development of our partners as a cohesive team with competitive products and customer-oriented service.


Customer focus

A personal connection based on trust, long-term, successful cooperation on the market that increases the customer’s competitiveness by providing a safe background and high-quality services.

Team work

We believe in cooperation based on well-organised, honest human relations achieving the goals set together through efficient and effective work


We make brave, independent and responsible decisions and fulfil our commitments as agreed.

Eager to develop

We provide quick and innovative responses to future challenges with an open-minded, self-motivated attitude.


As a decisive environmentally conscious European manufacturer, we contribute to the construction of energy-efficient buildings around the world. As a healthcare manufacturer, we serve a healthy society with modern hygiene products and solutions.

The Company pays special attention to ensuring that all elements of the corporate culture are communicated, known and accepted by all employees of the Masterplast Group. The aim of senior management is to reinforce this culture with their authentic, exemplary behavior and the continuous involvement of colleagues.