The Masterplast group

Founded in 1997, the Masterplast group is one of the leading insulation material and construction industry product producer-distribution companies in the Central Eastern European region, its 2018 revenue reached 97,9 million euros, the number of employees exceeds 1000. With its subsidiaries it ensures direct market presence in 8 countries of Central Eastern Europe, and it is present in the majority of European countries by means of its export partners.

Products and manufacture

It has a key position on the market for the elements of forefront insulation, high roof insulation and dry construction systems, the product background being provided by the production underway in its manufacturing bases in Hungary and Serbia, and by strategic manufacturing collaboration.

Business service provider

With an extensive customer-oriented sales system, constant quality control of the manufactured and marketed products, with the stable product supply background and flexible logistics solutions, we guarantee our partners competitive business services.


Masterplast considers the issues of sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental protection to be of high priority, both in its internal processes and in the manufacture and development of its products


With its competitive product and service portfolio based on partners’ requirements, Masterplast would like to grow into the key player in the European construction material industry.