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Our business philosophy: a harmonious unity of constant development, a customer-focused approach and carefully nurtured partnerships.

A brief company history

Founded in 1997, the Masterplast group is one of the leading insulation material and construction industry product producer-distribution companies in the Central Eastern European region, its 2018 revenue reached 97,9 million euros, the number of employees exceeds 1000. With its subsidiaries it ensures direct market presence in 8 countries of Central Eastern Europe, and it is present in the majority of European countries by means of its export partners.

Stock exchange presence

Masterplast has been a member of the Budapest Stock Exchange Negotiable Companies Club since 2008, then on 29 November 2011, with the permission of the HFSA and the stock exchange’s approval of the firm’s application, the technical introduction of the company’s shares on the Budapest Stock Exchange took place. On 21 March 2012, the company implemented a successful move to raise capital: then 7 institutional investors purchased shares to the value of 1.1 billion Hungarian forints, so together with the auction of 23 May 2012, according to Masterplast Nyrt.’s plans, capital was raised to the tune of close to 2 billion forints in total in the first six months, all of which is being dedicated to the development of new manufacturing capacities and to acquisitions. Masterplast’s stock exchange presence serves as an instrument for achieving the manufacturing development and acquisition targets set in the strategy serving as a basis for the company’s operation and looking several years into the future. Since the October of 2017, the company’s stocks have been listed in the Budapest Stock Exchange premium category.

Our activities

Our firm is equally at home in the areas of wholesale and manufacturing of construction materials. With the established customer-focused sales system, constant monitoring of the quality of manufactured and marketed products, a stable background for supply of products and flexible logistics solutions, we provide our partners with competitive business services.

Our products

“The greater part of the company group’s turnover comprises our own manufactured products or those custom made under our own brand name.
We offer more than one thousand certified, CE marked products in 6 product groups.
1. Facade insulation systems
2. Roofing foils and roofing elements
3. Dry construction system
4. Heat insulation, sound- and waterproofing materials
5. Construction industry accessory products
6. Products for industrial usage”


We consider sustainability, energy efficiency and environmental protection criteria to be especially important both in our internal processes and in the manufacture and development of our products. We reduce the environmental load with selective waste collection and with environmentally aware modification of appliances and the vehicle fleet.

Social responsibility

As a committed adherent of social responsibility, with the cooperation of staff, for years Masterplast has promoted various goals by making donations. In a collaboration with the Hungarian Save the Children Foundation dating back many years, we offer help in the acquisition of special instruments, and our training in first aid protocol run for schoolteachers arouses great interest. Besides this, we promote building projects supporting child welfare and equal opportunities with our products and consultancy.

Basic data

Company name: MASTERPLAST Nyrt.
Head office: 8143 Sárszentmihály, Árpád u. 1/A.
Correspondence address: 8143 Sárszentmihály, Árpád u. 1/A.
Telephone: (+36 22) 801-300
Fax: (+36 22) 801-382
Company registration number: 07-10-001342
Tax number: 13805300-4-07
Group tax number: 17780151-5-07

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Corporate governance
CVs of Board of Directors members>>>

Members of Board of Directors:
– Dávid Tibor – president
– Balázs Ács – vice president
– Margaret Elizabeth Dezse – member
– Dirk Theuns – member
– Bálint Fazekas – member

Members of the Audit Committee:
– Margaret Elizabeth Dezse – president
– Dirk Theuns – member
– Bálint Fazekas – member

The latest report on the amount of registered capital and the number of voting rights can be found under the menu point investors/Other news

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