Portfolio – Construction Industry 2019 conference with support from Masterplast

Attended by the most important professional players in the Hungarian construction industry, the “Portfolio Construction Industry 2019” conference was held in the Budapest Marriott Hotel with support from Masterplast. At the event, the present and future of the sector was debated by contractors, designers, manufacturers, decision makers, advocates, regulators, financiers, developers and lawyers.

Many orders, but also mounting difficulties are seen by construction industry opinion leaders, who think that the construction industry upswing may last for the next couple of years, but for long term development, companies in the branch need to have a total change of approach. The excessive presence of the state as a client is not desirable, contribution reduction and better thought-out vocational training is needed – was the opinion of the heads of several key companies, who extensively reviewed the most important challenges affecting the sector and targeted the burning issues for the Hungarian construction industry.


The soaring economy and the development market pervade everything. Whilst earlier almost everything depended on financing, today money is not an issue. A quality workforce, the capacity of construction industry implementation, the proper regulatory environment and competitiveness factors, the latest standards and technologies have created a totally new situation everywhere. Today construction industry implementation, the materials used and their pricing, performance, quality and regulation is one of the most important topics, the greatest risk and the primary object of market competition.


Masterplast took part in the professional forum as sponsor, and at the same time as the representative of the largest Hungarian owned company on the manufacturing side. Dávid Tibor, president of Masterplast, voiced his opinion in the panel of experts’ discussion in the section entitled “Construction industry innovation in implementation, basic materials and design”.


“Besides the challenges, great opportunity must also be seen in the present situation. This upswing may help the Hungarian construction industry make up the lost ground, also easily observable on the Central-European region level, in the area of products and technologies used. The manufacturing side must therefore be prepared for the headway made by quickly and simply integrable materials and system solutions, with which the speed and quality of construction may be increased. Our investments and developments are targeting the manufacture of products which support an increase in construction efficiency, alongside a high capacity background of European standard. As one of the few Hungarian owned manufacturers, Masterplast also strives to aid the development of competitiveness for its partners and the branch by means of flexible services.”

As a final cadence to the conference, the “Construction industry personality of the year” prize was presented for the first time. The prize was awarded to József Kreinbacher, general manager of Metál Hungária Holding Zrt., by a professional jury led by Sándor Scheer (Market Zrt.).

Masterplast Nyrt.

Founded in 1997, the Masterplast group is one of the leading building material producer and distributor companies in the Central Eastern European region. The company group owns subsidiaries in 10 countries, and sells products in a further 30 countries. The company is registered in the premium category on the Budapest Stock Exchange, and had revenue of 201,8 million euros in 2022.