Event log 2023

MASTERPLAST Nyrt.(8143 Sárszentmihály, Árpád u. 1/A.) hereby publishing the corporate action timetable for 2023:



Publication of Q1-Q4 2022 results, interim management report23th of February 2023
Annual General Meeting of year 202327th of April 2023
Annual report of year 202227th of April 2023
Investor forum27th of April 2023
Publication of Q1 2023 results, interim management report11th of May 2023
Publication of Q1-Q2 2023 results, interim report27th of July 2023
Publication of Q1-Q3 2023 results, interim management report26th of October 2023

* All dates in the table are subject to change

The 2023 event log may be downloaded in pdf format here!