A good place to work

We have the strength in our team

Masterplast’s success is driven by its dedicated team of employees.
Who are we? What are we like?

we take responsibility
independent individual decision-makers
people with a sense of ownership

In addition, it is very important to us to maintain a positive working atmosphere and family atmosphere, as well as to ensure safe working conditions at European level.

We are proud that our colleagues have been working for the company for many years, as evidenced by the very low fluctuation (exit) rate.

Open, direct communication, supportive collegial relationships and accessible leaders make daily work without any disturbance.

As a constantly evolving company, we offer opportunities for both individual development and the achievement of career goals.

Team cohesive events

Masterplast Colleagues’ private group on Facebook

Master Run team
Masterplast’s running team consists of 26 people. We entered two teams for the 2023 UltraBalaton competition, and we became one of its main sponsors. XVII. NN ULTRABALATON – May 4-7, 2023.

TESZ running race
In June, we started the TESZ, or “For a Clean, Healthy Székesfehérvár” running race, which is organized every year in June for families and workplace communities on the occasion of World Environment Day.

•team buildings
•XMAS Celebration
•advent feelings
•small-field football team
•sport facilities

Environmental and social responsibility of our team

„Pure water without waste”
With this initiative, we encourage colleagues to consume water free of plastic waste.
we increased the number of filtered water vending machines in the company, and we also provided all our employees with the necessary equipment for water consumption; we gave our Colleagues a long-lasting, BPA-free water bottle made of recycled PET material.

KÉPES volunteer day
For years, our company has been strengthening the supporters of the KÉPES program in Székesfehérvár by providing product and expert support, financial donations, and volunteer work. Together with our dedicated colleagues, we renewed the fence of the Mihály Táncsics Primary School in Székesfehérvár in October.

„Plastic-free July”
 July, we joined a real green challenge, plastic-free July. A month that is about reducing the plastic around us, making our lifestyle greener and protecting our environment.

Christmas Donation
Every year in December, we join the organization of the Baptist Charity Service, in which we fill shoeboxes with gifts and donate them to children in need.

„Collecting jeans”
The Masterplast Group pays particular attention to sustainability, and we encourage our employees to look for opportunities to contribute to the creation of a sustainable future.
In May, we asked our Colleagues to collect their outgrown, bored jeans and jointly donated them to a recycling entrepreneur (János Plank), who uses them to make new household products, furniture, gifts and home furnishings.


Preboarding and onboarding program
Our new employees’ integration and become full members of our team are very important to us.
In addition, as part of our Onboarding program, they can get to know our company, our values, our results and goals, as well as how they can contribute to their achievement.

•corporate culture workshops
•empowering leadership workshops
•vocational training opportunities
•organizational developements