The growth story of Masterplast continues

Masterplast has presented its earnings expectations and medium-term business strategy at its investor conference. The Hungarian majority-owned building material and healthcare industry company has had a year with unprece...

Housing market expectations suggest a positive trend at least for one more year

The housing market is showing signs of recovery, which is likely to continue sooner than later. Company expectations in the housing sector have not changed since the last quarter, but still, the population seems more opt...

Interest in the Home Renovation Scheme is constant

The Home Renovation Program intrigued many families. After a temporary downward trend, interest towards the scheme is coming back- according to the survey created by GKI and Masterplast. Based on the responses in Novembe...

Once again a quarterly net profit over 5 million euros

18th November, Sárszentmihály. The company has taken a big step towards its goal, outperforming the strong base year results in Q3.

People’s enthusiasm for home improvement is not fading

GKI and Masterplast’s shared research shows that people’s plans for home improvements and renovation enhanced in the last quarter. The survey explored people’s attitudes towards the home renovation plans.

Masterplast acquired sole ownership of its German factory

On the 20th of October 2021, in Sárszentmihály, Masterplast successfully closed its German acquisition by signing the business purchase agreement resulting in the subsidiary becoming 100% owned by the company.