Manufacturing base SZÉKESFEHÉRVÁR – Hungary



Masterplast Modulhouse Ltd, listed in the Budapest Stock Exchange Premium category, is part of the Masterplast Group, with Hungarian ownership and management. Masterplast is a regionally and nationally recognized manufacturer and trading company with 25 years of experience in the construction industry headquartered in Sárszentmihály. Masterplast Modulhouse was established in 2021 and represented the group’s new business branch producing factory-made buildings. We believe that Masterplast’s Modular building technology will have a significant role in the future of the construction industry. This construction method includes a very solid and rigid 3D steel structure assembled to a nearly ready state in our factory and delivered to the installation site after a precise and detailed design process using the most up-to-date technologies and materials. On-site preparation and finishing touches take up only 5-10% of the building process. Most parts of the process occurs in the factory within optimal manufacturing conditions supported by production control and process management. 2022 is the year of development as we create structural solutions components and construct several types of prototypes. By 2023 we wish to start a plant scale production and enter the market with the development.