Masterplast also invests in thermal insulation system

The Hungarian company becomes the second largest European manufacturer of fiber glass mesh.

Large healthcare investment at Masterplast

The healthcare division of the Hungarian manufacturer could reach the level of the construction segment.

Slightly increasing market prospects with moderate price drop are expected on the housing market

Results of survey on housing market of November 2020, conducted by GKI and Masterplast.

Historical records at Masterplast

Its successful core operation and the entry into the healthcare industry have brought outstanding results to the Hungarian manufacturer.

State aids can boost the housing and renovation sector

Results of the survey conducted by GKI and Masterplast in October 2020.

Masterplast unveils a statue commemorating Sandor Demjan

On October 15, 2020, in Sarszentmihaly, Fejer County, a park was named and a statue was unveiled in remembrance of the great entrepreneur, Sandor Demjan, who passed away two years ago.