Masterplast supports kindergartners

A renewed playground awaits the young children in the Kindergarten of Sárszentmihály thanks to the help of Masterplast, which has purchased playground equipment and tools in the value of HUF5 million.

Masterplast is admitted to the BUX and BUMIX baskets of indices

The stock exchange story of Masterplast has reached another milestone, after the shares of our company will be admitted to the most prestigious BUX and BUMIX baskets of indices of the Budapest Stock Exchange from March 2...

Cooperation between Masterplast and the BOM Foundation for Hungarian Sport

Masterplast has become a supporter of the BOM Foundation.

Most would spend the state aid on renovation and insulation

Results of the joint survey conducted by GKI and Masterplast.

Masterplast continues helping child ambulances this year

The Hungarian subsidiary of Masterplast supports the Foundation for Hungarian Child Ambulance with HUF 3,000,000.

The home renovation program excites the population’s imagination

Results of the survey conducted by GKI and Masterplast in December 2020.