A successful outcome of the campaign supporting the Hungarian Child Rescue Foundation

The Hungarian Child Rescue Foundation has become the 7th non-profit foundation that received the most of the 1% tax donations in the country.

New Hungarian small cap papers are listed in the regional index

The reweighting of CEE Plus index at the end of June will bring minor changes for the Hungarian companies, foresees Tibor Kadlót, journalist of Világgazdaság.

Masterplast soars to new heights

The global renovation fever and the healthcare industry make the Hungarian company fly.

Pre-pandemic mood on the housing market – rise in prices restarts

After reaching the low point in the second quarter of last year, housing market expectations have been gradually improving. As the current survey shows, real estate companies have become more optimistic and the populatio...

The initiative of KEPES continues with the support of Masterplast

After completing the yards of nurseries, the renovations carried out in the framework of KEPES are focusing on the elementary schools.

It is not the CSOK that causes the price increase of building materials

A persistent rise in the price of building materials is projected by a critical global shortage of raw materials. However, domestic prices for metal, wood and plastic-based building materials do not exceed the regional a...