A potential key to solving energy crisis

Unsurprisingly, conserving low retail energy prices is no longer sustainable in Hungary, either. The dramatic increase in energy bills poses an inevitable and serious challenge to numerous families, which must be tackled...

Real estate professionals are cautious

Property market prospects reached a peak at the end of 2021 but fell back in the first quarter of this year, and this uncertainty was only a little eased in the countryside in the second quarter.

Masterplast won the Superbrands award for the 11th time

Superbrands is about qualified excellence, achievable only for the most renowned brands. During this year's Superbrands Award, held for the 15th time, the non-branded professional committee found Masterplast worthy of th...

A child ambulance station opens in Balatonlelle

A child ambulance station in Balatonlelle was jointly established by the Foundation for Hungarian Child Ambulance (MGYA) and the Hungarian National Ambulance Service (OMSZ) with the support of Masterplast and several oth...

Government subsidy amongst home renovating residents is still popular

Demand for the Home Renovation Program has been high the past year as the subsidy has intrigued many people.

Materplast: The era of insulation has begun

5 May 2022, Sárszentmihály. Masterplast closed its first quarter with record results. High demand for thermal insulation products added to this outstanding outcome.