Masterplast has purchased a fibreglass manufacturing development project

18 January 2023. Sárszentmihály. Masterplast recent announcement reveals that the company is about to take over a fibreglass manufacturing project that has already been initiated.

Masterplast collected funds for a paediatric ambulance

Balázs Ács, vise president of Masterplast Nyrt. and László Pécsi, director of Masterplast Hungary Ltd, donated six and a half million forints to Dr Éva Gesztesi, president of the Hungarian Child Rescue Foundation.

Masterplast’s first Modulhouse model is built

Hungary’s biggest construction material production company has reached a new milestone as the prototype of Masterplast’s first module house was built in Sárszentmihály.

Four out of five families try to be thrifty with energy

Household utility costs increased by 60% for Hungarian families since the changes to reduced utility costs related regulations. An average household has to pay 12,000 HUF more for energy, while households affected by the...

Masterplast and Market enter into a strategic agreement

Masterplast Nyrt. and Market Építő Zrt. entered into a strategic agreement during a formal setting. The agreement aims to establish factories manufacturing rock-wool thermal insulation to meet the needs of the Hungarian ...

Property market is in over-supply, and real estate professionals are not expecting a further rise in prices

Housing market prospects have been continuously deteriorating in 2022, and the survey conducted in November shows no different.